Zaidy – Connecting You to Jewish History

Staying connected to our elders is vital for preserving our history. Their wisdom bridges the past and present, keeping our ancestors’ legacy alive for future generations.

Zaidy, connects you to Jewish history through antiques and collectibles. It invites everyone, not just collectors, to explore our heritage’s remarkable stories.

For centuries, written words have upheld our faith and resilience. Sacred texts, manuscripts, and Judaica collectibles spanning many centuries allow us to hear our Mesorah’s ancient whispers.

As a Genazym product Zaidy continues the mission to preserve and share our history, offering everyone a unique chance to own and celebrate our heritage. Our collection spans centuries and continents, including exclusive first-edition sefarim, letters from prominent Rabbis and Rebbes, and original handwritten Torah insights by renowned scholars. Each item testifies to our people’s enduring spirit.

The Zaidy team excels at locating rare historical objects ensuring every piece is a truly historical gem.

Treat yourself and your family to a timeless gift that connects you to our nation’s history with Zaidy. Join us in preserving and celebrating our Jewish heritage’s splendor.


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