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A Treasure Trove of Jewish History


Throughout our nation’s long and storied past, the written word has served as a bedrock of faith and strength. From the timeless texts of our fundamental sefarim to prized manuscripts and autographed letters by giants of men, from incunabula and first-edition sefarim toJudaica collectibles dating back as far as 800 years into our nation’s glorious past, these precious remnants of Jewish history open a window into the splendor of our heritage and invite us to listen close to hear the ancient whispers of an earlier, cherished time.

For the last twenty years, Zaidy’s passion has been researching Jewish history, preserving our magnificent past and sharing our nation’s rich heritage with others. We offer our clients a chance to touch our past and own our heritage. As the premier auction house for private collectors and institutions, Zaidy makes Jewish history accessible to all.

With items spanning hundreds of years and thousands of miles, countries, continents and Jewish congregations, every Jew will discover his unique legacy memorialized among the valuable collectibles available at Zaidy. Reveal exclusive first-edition sefarim, letters penned by the prominent Rabbis and Rebbes of yesteryear, and original handwritten chiddushei Torah by illustrious Torah scholars from ancient to recent times.

Zaidy Team’s expertise is locating rare historical objects and corroborating their authenticity. We track and document the unique history and ownership of every item, guaranteeing that the items for sale are true historical gems.

Treat yourself to a timeless gift from our nation’s history!

The Zaidy Commitment

At Zaidy, we’re committed to both buyers and sellers, and we pride ourselves on uncompromising integrity. Throughout the year, we avail the professional services and support of our company’s professional team to our clients, and we’re always available for inquiries and to help you authenticate, appraise, sell or buy items either as an investment, hobby or to enhance your collection—at a fair price.


Treat yourself to a taste of our past. Revel in awe-inspiring Jewish history. Own your heritage.


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